New series of network video recorders from QNAP

QNAP announced the expansion of its VioStor line with four new high performance desktop and rack-mounted models targeted at larger facilities. The VS-8000 series includes the rack mounted VS-8032U-RP and VS-8024U-RP, and the desktop tower VS-8032 and VS-8024.

All four new models are video surveillance systems that can simultaneously record video from up to 32/24 IP cameras on the network and are solutions for large office buildings, shopping malls, or manufacturing facilities.

The embedded surveillance system allows each channel of video recording to have its own monitoring parameters including continuous recording, motion detection recording, time-scheduled recording, alarm recording, and even pre-alarm and post-alarm recording. The intelligent video analytics (IVA) allows for foreign object detection, object removal detection, and camera out-of-focus or obstruction. Security personnel can easily search the video logs by date/time, motion event, video analytics, or timeline.

The VS-8000 series incorporates eight hot-swappable hard drives (not included) with up to 16TB of total video recording capacity and includes high performance RAID 0/1/5/6/5+ spare support. The new models are capable of recording from up to 8-Megapixel IP cameras and recording video in M-JPEG, MPEG-4, MxPEG and H.264 formats.

They all include two Gigabit LAN ports with fail-over and load balancing support that provides redundant network connectivity. The rack mounted VS-8032U-RP and VS-8024U-RP are inherently reliable, incorporating a redundant power supply that kicks in if the other should fail.

The VS-8000 series comes with QNAP’s latest firmware version 3.1 which adds a number of significant new features including intelligent video analytics (IVA), digital watermarking of video files, auto cruising, JPEG CGI command to support more IP camera models, and SMS & emails alerts. The new firmware also offers scalability, allowing multi-server monitoring for up to 120-channels of video surveillance monitoring from multiple QNAP VioStor servers connecting an entire enterprise together.

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