Real-time alerting and advanced mapping capabilities for host level devices

Lumeta announced the latest release of IPsonar, a comprehensive network discovery and network mapping solution for large organizations. This latest release includes configurable, real-time alerting on network discovery information and host-level network mapping advancements.

IPsonar can be used to proactively highlight IT policy violations in real-time through actionable data as it’s discovered on the network. Its alerts can be categorized by severity and priority, and are generated in standard formats, including SysLog or the IF-MAP protocol to be integrated into other IT lifecycle tools for instantaneous remediation.

Pre-configured alerts available at the network level include discovered devices, unknown IPs, and non-responding networks. IT security policy violations can be identified through alerts on Inbound / Outbound Network Leaks or Active TCP Ports. Key management issues can be highlighted by alerting on issues like: IP spoofing, devices of a particular type, or those running a specific operating system.

Information supplied in the output of the alerting functions includes date/time of the event, IP and MAC of the devices, and other data relevant to the type of alerting event. More detailed information can be made available through the alerting management system.

Additionally, the latest release of IPsonar includes enhanced mapping down to the end-node device. Now, when a user selects a router, for example, the map displays categorized, rich data on all attached hosts and devices. The product displays device details from the map (such as Vendor and OS information) and a filter can be overlaid to highlight connectivity surrounding a particular device.

Pricing for a typical deployment starts at around $75,000, however pricing is dependent on the size of the network and number of connections.

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