Is there a future for global cooperation against cyber attacks?

There is a seemingly bleak future in store for all of us regarding the issue of international cooperation against cyber attacks.

nextgov reports that the problem rests in the fact that protection calls for international standards and cooperation between all countries, because the cyberworld we all share has not the well-defined national boundaries of the real world.

The cybersecurity plan backed by U.S. president Obama states the need of bringing “like-minded nations together on a host of issues, including acceptable norms regarding territorial jurisdiction, sovereign responsibility and use of force”, but that plan is constantly being thwarted by the hesitation to participate from nations that are technologically less advanced and less experienced in dealing with cybercrime.

James Lewis, director of the technology and public policy program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, thinks that another great obstacle to this plan of global cooperation is China’s and Russia’s lack of interest for such an endeavor. He thinks it’s because they have the capabilities to perform cyber attacks and are not adverse to using them.


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