Radware unveils DefensePro 5.0

Radware released DefensePro 5.0, the intrusion prevention system (IPS) which offers a way to guard against vulnerabilities in the network. Leveraging a ‘booster shot’ architecture, DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware acceleration engine to offer DDoS attack mitigation up to 10-million PPS.

This feature goes beyond current capabilities to process and inspect multi Gbps of legitimate traffic; further preventing lower volume attacks and intrusions without any network latency. With its leading architecture, DefensePro 5.0 is a network security solution for eCommerce and data center applications; delivering up to 12Gbps of full network traffic inspection and protection against server-based attacks and server intrusions.

DefensePro 5.0 is available on the OnDemand Switch 3S1 and 3S2 for models x412, ranging from 4Gbps to 12Gbps. DefensePro network security solutions are part of the Company’s Business-Smart Data Center strategy, which is based on an approach to offer a range of capabilities inclusive of pay-as-you-grow procurement models and a series of ‘on demand’ platforms.

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