Security management system with multi-dimensional scalability

MAXxess Systems announced eFusion, a new security management system.

Business needs today are obliging Electronic Security systems to scale up – in terms of addressing a much wider set of requirements in substantially more complex environments – as well as to scale out. These needs drive a system architecture that is significantly different from traditional Electronic Security architectures.

A partial listing of eFusion modules includes access control, eBuilding, eTour, eROAM, ViewPoint, WebPoint, RemotePoint, Visitor Management and Badging.

The eFusion Server provides a platform for database connection, IP communications and sensor Integration. The scaleable architecture can distribute the server, SQL server and communications services across multiple PCs. All servers can be separated and off-site.

eFusion can eliminate single points of failure, protecting the user from unplanned server, storage or network failures as well as planned downtime due to reconfiguration, hardware, and software upgrades. It also protects from data loss and corruption even during site failures or major disasters.

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