Contactless smart card reader and software development kit from SCM Microsystems

SCM Microsystems announced the SCL3711, a new portable contactless smart card reader capable of supporting multiple contactless applications, from mobile payments to transportation, access control and e-government.

The SCL3711 is an interoperable, multi-protocol portable USB reader that supports all major 13.56 MHz contactless technologies, including ISO 14443 type A&B, FeliCa), MIFARE and DESFire. It has also the ability to enable devices with NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity – just by inserting it into a free USB port or integrating it directly into the respective device. Hence, it resolves problems of compatibility and conflicting standards that have limited more widespread use of contactless devices.

Due to its size, the reader can easily be used at home or on the road. It is designed to go everywhere and can be clipped on a key ring. The reader facilitates new and emerging contactless applications, such as purchasing tickets, logging on to a computer or network, downloading loyalty coupons and using eGovernment applications – all without having to swipe or insert payment or IDs cards.

A complete software development kit for contactless and NFC applications is also available for developers. The kit contains both the NFC-enabled smart card readers SCL3711 and SCL010 from SCM Microsystems, as well as a variety of popular contactless tags in different designs, comprehensive documentation, source code examples and demo applications.

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