NitroSecurity adds configuration and change management to its SIEM platform

NitroSecurity announced the integration of configuration and change management features into its NitroView information security management platform.

The ability to manage network assets and track configuration changes is a natural enhancement to NitroView, which already provides network topology management, including network device discovery, end-user discovery, device availability, and the ability to map information security events and other activity to network location.

NitroView’s new ability to monitor configurations includes:

  • Automatic collection of configuration data to establish baselines
  • Automatic comparison of configuration states to those baselines to detect configuration changes
  • Immediate notification of change activity
  • Analysis of changes in real-time, with full contextual awareness of the network, applications, and associated user identities
  • Tracks unauthorized changes with full visibility into the responsible user, their identity, and their location within the network
  • Provides highly detailed change records for improved compliance reporting
  • Provides real-time access to change records for more efficient forensic investigations.

Tracking changes is an important requirement of many security compliance regulations, including the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP).

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