i365 offers offsite replication service

i365, a Seagate Company, announced the EVault Offsite Replication Service, a cloud storage service for mid-size businesses for protecting data from a site outage without building an offsite data center.

The service allows customers to maintain a mirrored copy of their onsite backup data to the i365 Cloud, which is comprised of a network of Tier III and IV SAS 70 Type II certified data centers with data protection infrastructure.

The service is available either as a cloud extension of the customer’s own internal infrastructure, allowing them to manage their remote vault within the i365 Cloud, or as a managed service, which includes a team of i365 experts to manage their onsite and offsite vaults for them.

Replicating to the i365 Cloud is done in three steps; install EVault agents and Plug-Ins on each system you wish to protect, work with the i365 team to do a fast initial setup, and then replicate the vault to the i365 Cloud.

This service also makes it easier for EVault Software customers to utilize other services offered within the i365 Cloud, such as a remote warm site for their mission critical servers using i365’s EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Service (a hosted service that helps quickly recover critical applications after a disaster, while also allowing businesses to remotely access these systems in a secure virtual environment). i365 maintains virtual servers in the same top tier facilities that houses their mirrored vault.

EVault Offsite Replication Service benefits include:

  • Optimized over-the-wire performance – EVault Software employs a number of techniques to help ensure the customer’s backups are efficient, including client-side quick file scanning, delta processing, and compression. The backup data is further deduplicated at the onsite vault
  • Enterprise-class service – i365 provides 24/7 support for critical issues
  • End-to-end data security -the service supports end-to-end encryption and makes it possible to encrypt backup data in transit to ensure data privacy on-premise and in the i365 Cloud.

i365’s EVault Offsite Replication Service will be available November 1st.

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