Smart card-based USB token for data loss prevention

Gemalto launched Protiva Smart Guardian, a smart card enabled personal security USB device that offers digital data integrity and data loss prevention for enterprises.

Smart Guardian combines endpoint control and secure data storage for protecting sensitive information. It guarantees security since the encrypted data never leaves the Smart Guardian. Attempts to tamper with the device are detectable and intrusion attempts will cause the token to zero-out its contents.

The product provides two-factor authentication based on something the user has – the USB token – and something the user knows – the passphrase. This ensures that only authorized users have access to encrypted data, even if the device is lost or stolen. The tokens are easy for IT administrators to deploy and manage, and require no user training.

The management options of the device make it easy for end-users and administrators to register new devices, update software on the devices, deploy protected corporate applications, and remotely block a lost or stolen token and destroy its contents.

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