Secure managed file transfer solutions for business

nuBridges released nuBridges Exchange 3.0, its secure managed file transfer (MFT) software for today’s extended enterprise which helps organizations reduce file transfer costs and complexity, secure and audit file transfer events, meet compliance requirements and easily share files among departments, divisions and high-volume B2B communities.

Unlike other available offerings, nuBridges Exchange is a highly scalable solution that runs on distributed systems platforms and works across disparate IT environments, offering a wide range of support for multiple file types, standards and protocols including sFTP, FTPs, AS2 and more.

nuBridges Exchange benefits enterprises with such features as:

  • Global visibility – Execute, manage and view all internal and external file transfers in real-time via an intuitive web-based user interface.
  • Audit logs for compliance – All file transfer events are logged for auditing, monitoring, reporting and forensics.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Allows enterprises to easily incorporate file transfer operations into SOA-compliant business processes and applications.
  • Sophisticated authorization model – Simplifies the set-up of application privileges to establish a balance between access and security by delineating roles and creating separation of duties for system users.
  • Cross-platform installer – Single installation process, even across multiple platforms, significantly reducing deployment time.
  • Commerce Suite integration – Customers using nuBridges’ Commerce Suite AS2 file transfer module can integrate with nuBridges Exchange 3.0, or migrate from Commerce Suite to nuBridges Exchange 3.0.

nuBridges Exchange enables file transfers among departments, divisions and other internal constituencies as well as business partners that form the extended enterprise. Its strong security features include streaming file delivery so that files in transit never “touch the iron,” providing an additional layer of data protection. It is designed for ultra-fast performance and supports unlimited file transfer volumes (size or number) and unlimited business partners.

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