Turn any USB flash drive into a secure data vault

ENC Security Systems launched EncryptStick 4.0 which turns any USB flash drive into a highly-secure data vault. The software enables users to create an unlimited number of invisible, encrypted vaults containing any type of file. The vaults are only visible when the EncryptStick enabled flash drive is inserted and the user’s password is entered.

Once the EncryptStick-enabled flash drive is plugged into the computer’s USB port, the software will run automatically and prompt the user for their password. After entering the password, the user can open existing vaults, create new vaults and easily encrypt or decrypt any file by right-clicking and selecting from a drop down menu, or simply dragging and dropping the files into the vault folders. EncryptStick also enables “encryption on the fly” with the ability to edit documents within vaults while the files are encrypted.

Automatic timeouts can be user-defined to lock the EncryptStick vaults and prompt for a password in the instance that you walk away from your computer with the flash drive inserted. If the flash drive is lost or stolen, it is useless to anyone without the password, providing all users with complete peace of mind knowing that their files are safe.

EncryptStick 4.0 features:

  • Works with virtually any USB flash drive
  • Employs 512 bit Polymorphic Encryption technology
  • Encrypts files at a rate ten times faster that AES 256 (federal government encryption standard)
  • One-click data encryption/decryption
  • Ability to create unlimited secure invisible vaults anywhere on any computer, removable device or writeable media
  • Ability to encrypt any type of file (documents, videos, photos, etc.)
  • Vaults created on computers are only visible when EncryptStick is running
  • Ability to edit documents within the application while encrypted
  • Password Manager stores sensitive log-ins and passwords securely
  • Automatic session time out for added security
  • Protection from common hacking techniques including keystroke-logging and password phishing.

EncryptStick can be downloaded today for $39.99 USD with support for Windows XP and Windows Vista with Mac OS X and Linux versions to be released soon.

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