Emulex and IBM deliver enterprise class key management with host-based encryption

Emulex announced that it is collaborating with IBM to deliver a host-based encryption solution based on the Emulex Secure Host Bus Adapter (HBA) technology and IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager.

The combination of Emulex Secure HBA technology, a host-based encryption security solution that offloads encryption processing onto the HBA to protect data in flight and at rest, and IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager, an enterprise-class key management application that centralizes and strengthens the key management process, delivering a storage solution that moves encryption as close to where the data is used as possible, delivering the encryption solution that customers need to address the numerous compliance and regulatory requirements that impact the business.

Implementing a host-based encryption security solution improves the data center’s security stance and minimizes the window of data vulnerability, because data is protected where it’s created, in the host. Emulex Secure HBAs enable end-users to move away from CPU intensive host-based encryption software that may either hobble their servers or inhibit the deployment of virtualized servers.

The technology leverages Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) connectivity, allowing customers to extend their existing investments in infrastructure, management, training and processes. Emulex is previewing this enterprise class security solution at the RSA Conference Europe 2009 this week in London.

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