Fedora 12 released

Fedora is a popular Linux-based operating system, that just reached version 12. Fedora 12 (Constantine) is filled with improvements that make Linux better than ever for all types of users.

The technologies that make open source the platform of choice for savvy system administrators are all here. A new initial ramdisk setup tool called Dracut helps keep boot time as low as possible. There’s now ext4 support for GRUB, and Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) is enabled by default on systems with NVIDIA, ATI and Intel video cards for a faster and smoother graphical boot.

For those who use Samba, the addition of GFS2 Clustered Samba and improvements in HA (high availability) clustering makes sharing data across machines easier and more reliable.

Fedora 12 also features constant security updates for bulletproof systems, and a number of virtualization improvements have emerged with this release that use memory more efficiently, provide more flexible hardware and network solutions, and boost the performance of virtual guest disk images. You can even create scripts to perform complex tasks directly on guest disk images. Fedora 12 helps you unite all the diverse cultures of your virtual guests into a single functional system.

NetworkManager helps you get online and stay online when you’re on the go. With expanded support for mobile broadband, easy Bluetooth phone tethering, and integrated password management, NetworkManager makes surfing and communicating just a click away.

PackageKit finds software for you, whether you’re looking for ways to deal with files from friends or just want to explore the over 15,000 packages that Fedora provides for free. You can install entire groups of related software in just a couple clicks, and PackageKit helps you keep your system secure and up to date through its subtle but effective alert system.

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