Host-based IDS OSSEC 2.3 released

The OSSEC team is pleased to announce the general availability of OSSEC version 2.3.

The most notable additions are:

  • Added support for the Nginx web server.
  • Added support for Suhosin (Hardened PHP).
  • Added support for real time integrity monitoring on Windows systems.
  • Added support for monitoring the output of commands on Linux and Windows.
  • Added rules for PHP Warnings/errors.
  • Added support for Windows environment variables in the field of log monitoring.
  • Added check to avoid reading the same log file twice on incorrect configurations.
  • Added new rule to detect comment spam on WordPress.
  • Added dovecot rules and decoders.
  • Added rules to alert on login events from MS SQL.
  • Added support for foregroung mode.

For more information on OSSEC read our interview with the project founder.

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