A closer look at Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check is a web-based scan that combines two features: a Security Scan and Virus Detection.

To use it, you will be asked to download some components and add-ons (ActiveX among others).

The Security Scan checks whether your computer allows unknown or unauthorized Internet communications and whether basic information about your computer (including your PC’s network identity) is exposed to hackers. You can also find out whether your computer is safe from Trojan horses and whether you’re protected by a commonly-used virus protection product (and if you are, whether you’re safe from the latest viruses):

The results:

The Virus Detection check and results:

Symantec Security Check is a simplistic scan that you should definitely not rely solely on. The information it provides is rather limited, but can be handy if you think your computer could do with a testing of ports. I am not very impressed with some of the results since I do have an antivirus software installed which it failed to detect.

It’s good to know you can also do a security check of your Mac machine, but then the options are limited to the Security Scan, and within it you can do only the Hacker Exposure Check and Trojan Horse Check.

If you want to try it out, go here (and choose the right button, obviously).

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