A closer look at CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2010

CA ISS Plus 2010 provides protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, phishing and offensive websites (with Parental Controls). There is also a backup option available. The installation process is very simple and straightforward, after which a quick first scan is performed:

After rebooting, you will be offered a quick tour of the solution and its capabilities:

Finally, the welcome screen – browse through tabs by clicking on them:

You can choose to view the initial alerts (it’s usually a note saying you should perform an update). After that, you are advised to perform a full scan (quick and custom are also an option):

Scan results:

Access the quarantine to delete or restore items:

The My Computer settings are plentiful. You can choose for the solution to scan your email as it arrives and automatically detect and remove threats that attempt to install themselves on your computer, choose which files to exclude from scanning and schedule scans, enable registry protection, prevent unknown programs from spawning other programs when executed and obstruct code injection. And, finally, you can make your own rules (with the help of a Wizard):

The My Internet tab allows you to access your network and connection options. You can disable your firewall, block all internet activity or clean your cache. Modify settings regarding your network access and rules, browser, Web and identity protection:

The backup option is accessed through the My Files tab. The files are aggregated in a single backup file, and they can be restored anytime to any location:

Configuring Parental Controls require you to choose a password, so that you can be the only one who can modify them. Configure settings to your pleasure:

CA ISS Plus 2010 is a fast and comprehensive solution that will satisfy many of your security needs. The installation is easy, and the configuration very flexible, so the solution can be used easily by novices and advanced users alike.

CA also offers an “Internet Protection Plan” – if your identity is compromised or your computer gets infected with a virus after properly installing and configuring the solution, you can receive up to $5,000 in technical service and/or hardware repair.

To try out this security suite, go here.

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