VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPod touch

RealVNC has launched VNC Viewer, an iPhone and iPod touch application that allows you to connect to and take full control of a computer anywhere in the world.

Available to download from the App Store, VNC Viewer makes it possible to run applications, access documents and change settings on any Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or UNIX computer, just as though you were sitting in front of it.

With VNC Viewer, iPhone and iPod touch users can view Flash-based websites and copy and paste text between applications on their mobile device and computer. The new application is also ideal for system administrators who can troubleshoot and manage remote desktops or servers, check logs or install/uninstall and test applications, wherever they are.

Users can apply standard touch, tap and drag gestures to control the computer; for example, pinching to zoom into a specific area or out to see the whole picture. As an alternative to gestures, VNC Viewer has mouse button mode – virtual left, middle, and right mouse buttons, and an imaginary scroll wheel are superimposed on the desktop, giving users precise control. Text can be entered using the iPhone or iPod touch on-screen keyboard and displayed using preview facilities. VNC Viewer also includes special buttons for non-character keys such as the cursor keys and Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

To connect from VNC Viewer, VNC-compatible technology must be installed and running on the computer to be controlled. The recommended VNC Enterprise Edition provides robust, high‐performance connections and unmatched flexibility along with strong security. Connections to VNC Enterprise Edition benefit from additional features such as secure communication encrypted by industry‐standard 128 bit AES technology, platform‐native authentication, international keyboard support and enhanced performance.

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