Software crackers can actually hurt you

The economic crisis has dented your budget? You might have not done it before, but now you’re thinking about cracking legitimate software instead of paying the fee. Think again – you might get more than you bargained for.

CA warns about a software cracker that comes bundled up with a rogue AV solution by the name of “Dr. Guard”. Executing the software cracker will trigger the malicious pack into dropping other malware into your computer. Among the files dropped is the aforementioned fake AV.

From then on, you will be constantly annoyed with warning messages and peeks into your supposedly heavily infected computer. To clean it, you must activate (buy) the full version – or so the messages say.

Don’t fall for it. Not only will you lose the money – money you wanted to save in the first place by cracking the software – but you will also remain with an infected computer.

The moral of this story? Use legitimate security software and pay for it, because you can update it and it will prevent you from falling for into this kind of mess.

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