An alternative to a web application firewall

XyberSecure presented XyberShield, a web application security service and real-time website threat identification and determent solution. Using its proprietary behavioral analysis and correlation engine to detect malicious activity directed at web applications, XyberShield defeats attacks the instant they occur.

An alternative to a web application firewall, it is a non-proxy software-as-a-service solution which does not require third-party hosting or any reconfiguration of your current system architecture.

Key benefits:

  • Protects against cyber attacks, globally
  • XyberFrames provide sophisticated application protection rules with ease Intuitive user interface
  • Instant “war room” – automatically connects site owner to XyberShield’s Security Operations Center (XSOC) when issues arise

To assist customers in deciding what protection they need, XyberSecure has made available two new security bundles, PCI- 6.6 and OWASP. A total of 19 individual web application security modules, referred to as XyberFrames, are currently available in several service bundle offerings.

“For the past several years, our customers have relied on us for the latest in web application protection,” said Rick Maharaj, XyberSecure’s CTO. “XyberShield is protecting over a million web sessions every month and that number is growing daily. We are continually strengthening existing XyberFrames and creating new ones that can identify and protect vulnerabilities within production Web applications. Providing these specific bundles of XyberFrames enables our customers to quickly decide how to protect their web applications and activate the protection they need”.

XyberFrames are directed towards indentifying and terminating sessions implementing attack vectors such as SQL Injection, Server Side Include Injection, Cross Site Scripting and HTTP Response Splitting.

New XyberFrames target directory browsing; file and directory discovery; form caching; remote file inclusion; Check HTTP methods; new SQL, UNIX and Windows command injections and relative path attacks, and Cross Site Request Forgery. XyberShield’s standard protection package detects and deters functional abuse, navigational abuse and brute force attacks.

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