Symantec web security monitoring against pervasive threats

Symantec announced Web Security Monitoring, a new managed security service which monitors organizations’ proxy and gateway security devices for connections from hosts within their networks to sites suspected or known to contain malicious code and provides a daily summary report of this activity.

If a policy violation or compromise occurs, the customer is notified immediately. This constant vigilance establishes an “early warning’ system and facilitates strengthening of policies and protective measures against the ever-present Web threat vector.

Web Security Monitoring provides the following capabilities:

  • Extends security monitoring capabilities deeper into a clients Web based activities and Web presence
  • Gives early awareness to potential malicious activity
  • Provides advanced analysis powered by the extensive Symantec Global Intelligence Network
  • Expands security monitoring coverage providing enterprise-wide security monitoring (from edge to endpoint including all threat vectors).

“As cyber criminals shift from targeting networks with high-volume spam and malware attacks to focusing more on stealth technologies, the Web is the new front line for the compromise of assets with the express goal of stealing confidential information,” said Grant Geyer, vice president of Symantec’s Global Managed Security Services. “The new Symantec Web Security Monitoring service gives customers the assurance that their endpoints and servers are protected from evolving Web-based threats.”

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