Cloud scale data protection and security

ParaScale Cloud Storage 2.5, a cloud storage platform with features for cloud scale data security, protection and accessibility. The software includes features to efficiently address “big data’ requirements by enabling data services and application integration directly onto storage nodes.

Built to meet the needs of enterprise data centers or managed hosting providers with software that provides a global namespace, thin provisioning and easily incorporates additional storage nodes to scale, the following features are new:

Cloud scale data protection – ParaScale includes data integrity that protects against silent data corruption in both memory and disk with automated self-healing without introducing any bottleneck. Signatures are stored locally with no central look-up to enable massive scale and better performance.

Cloud scale data security – ParaScale provides scalable data encryption that secures data without requiring storage of keys within the cloud or third-party key management. Cloud storage management functions such as replication and migration are performed on encrypted content with multiple protocols and algorithms supported.

Advanced Multi-Tenant Virtual File System – ParaScale adds advanced multi-tenancy features including multi-tenant FTP support. Each virtual file system acts as a unique FTP server with user authentication against a unique external directory to protect shared file access. Within a VFS, the administrator can define data access privileges, shared protocols, replication policies, encryption support and other customer specific settings.

Local data services – Given “big data’ requirements, it is much more efficient to bring the processing to the enterprise storage tier eliminating the time and management tasks related to moving large datasets across the network to temporary computing clusters. ParaScale identifies local data on each storage node and supports applications running directly on ParaScale cloud storage nodes.

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