AT&T and McAfee offer secure e-mail gateway

As spam and other e-mail security threats continue to inundate organizations’ daily operations, AT&T has announced a new network-based solution, AT&T Secure E-mail Gateway Service. This new SaaS solution provides e-mail security and message management by ensuring the integrity of a message before it enters an organization’s network and helping to monitor and act on all outbound e-mail containing content that violates data loss prevention policies.

This new e-mail security service integrates McAfee’s e-mail protection technology and global threat intelligence into AT&T’s network gateway nodes to deliver enhanced SaaS capabilities. Customers can manage and administer the service through the AT&T BusinessDirect customer portal that enables customers to perform a multitude of network management and administrative tasks quickly and securely.

Security threats are escalating for businesses and organizations of all sizes, including increased volumes of spam. In fact, there were on average 135.5 billion spam messages sent per day in 2009, according to a recent threat report by McAfee Labs.

The key features of AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway Service are:

  • Protects against internal and external e-mail threats that include: commercial spam, malicious attachments, direct e-mail server connections from spammers and botnet-controlled endpoints, and e-mail embedded URL-based attacks and more, before they ever reach the customer’s network
  • Enables monitoring and quick action on outbound e-mail containing content that violates policies
  • Provides features, tools, and reporting capabilities that enable compliance with data privacy and retention regulations, legal discovery requirements, economically and efficiently
  • Offers protected, accessible, archived e-mail with no hardware to buy, no software to install, no tape backups, and no maintenance to perform.

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