iPhone security showcase: SafeWallet – Password Manager

Mobile software producer SBSH this week released a new version of SafeWallet – Password Manager, an application used for storing private information on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Start by creating a wallet – a passworded placeholder for your information.

Every wallet has two default folders – Business and Personal. If this structure doesn’t suit your needs, you can remove, rename or add new default folders.

New Card option is used to add new data items.

SafeWallet uses a set of predefined templates, that make data classification much easier.

Input of data into a new card is a piece of cake. You can change the names of all the fields, as well as remove or add new properties. Starting from this version (1.3), the application provides copy/paste support.

The search function is a must-have feature for this type of application. It comes handy to users with a large collection of saved data.

The software offers the opportunity for creating multiple wallets. You don’t need to provide a password to access SafeWallet, but when opening a specific wallet you will be asked for the proper credentials.

SafeWallet has a PC companion that can be used for backing up and syncing your information.

Developer: SBSH Mobile Software
Version: 1.3
Price: $5.99 ($2.99 until July 31, 2010)
iTunes link: click here

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