Erasing sensitive information from smartphones

Smartphone sales are up almost 57% this year over 2009, and sales are predicted to surpass worldwide PC sales by the end of 2011. With increasingly faster mobile networks, users of both personal and business smartphones often have easy access to company applications that contain sensitive information.

While organizations frequently provide access to company messaging and folder systems via smartphones, they overlook the danger of data breach when the device is retired.

Blancco Mobile Edition is designed to eliminate the risk of inadvertent data leaks by erasing retired smartphones that may contain both sensitive business and personal information. Capable of erasing up to 150 such devices per day, the software helps IT security managers set and enforce end-of-service policy related to smartphones.

Developed for erasure of smartphones running major platforms like Symbian, RIM for Blackberry, and Microsoft, Blancco Mobile Edition consists of a Windows PC application and platform-specific smartphone clients.

Designed for professional use, the erasure software allows companies to connect multiple smartphones to a PC for data erasure. It securely overwrites all data, and provides detailed erasure reports for audit and regulatory purposes.

Blancco will continue expanding the range of platforms erasable with Mobile Edition and will support erasure of Android-based platforms later this year.


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