Q&A: Infosecurity Russia. Storage Expo. Documation 2010

Alexandr Vlasov is a recognized expert in information security and personal data, working as a Business Development Executive at Groteck Business Media. In this interview he discusses “Infosecurity Russia. Storage Expo. Documation 2010”.

How would you compare the IT market in Russia with other markets in Europe?
Today, the IT market in Russia is less than that in Europe. However, the Russian market grows many times faster than the European one. Until 2008, the information technologies market in Russia was growing by leaps and bounds – up to 40% per year – meanwhile the market in Europe was growing by 5% per year. In 2009, the IT market in Russia grew by approximately 10%. In 2010, a 15-20% growth of the Russian IT market is expected.

Who are the featured speakers at “Infosecurity Russia. Storage Expo. Documation 2010”? What are the hot topics?
The speakers at the event will be the representatives of the biggest Russian companies like OAO Gazprom (Yuriy Lavrukhin), Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways” (Alexandr Glukhov), Joint Stock Company “Company TransTeleCom” (Viktor Perin); the representatives of Russian regulators like FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) (Alexey Kuzmin, Alexandr Baranov), FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) (Vladimir Selin), Security Council of the Russian Federation (Sergey Korotkov); heads of the biggest Russian and foreign vendors.
According to a study conducted by Groteck Business Media in January-May 2010, the most interesting and actual topics for both exhibitors and visitors at Infosecurity Russia. Storage Expo.

Documation 2010 have been revealed:

  • Personal data protection
  • Safety of mobile users
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention)
  • Data storage – corporate and outsourcing
  • New threats
  • Green Internet
  • Security and safety of the national strategic infrastructure (rail ways, telecommunications, etc)
  • Cloud computing,
  • Virtualization.

What makes Infosecurity Russia event stand out from other events in the area?
Unlike other Russian events in the field, we do introduce innovations at Infosecurity Russia. Storage Expo. Documation 2010. Firstly, we measure results (ROI) for every single exhibitor. Secondly, we thoroughly chose the audience; it is prequalified as the most compelling and successful speeches and events are reached when interests of the audience and the audience structure are known beforehand. Thus, up to 60% of visitors register through Groteck Smart Event on-line tool well before the exhibition. Thirdly, our unique system Groteck Smart Event allows participants to schedule their appointments, negotiations. And finally, we are striving to reach the balance between exhibitors presenting equipment in the area of information security, data storage and document management.

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