SOURCE Barcelona 2010 speaker line-up

SOURCE Conference brings computer and IT security professionals and practitioners together in a unique environment to discuss the security industry’s most important issues, technologies, and business trends.

SOURCE Barcelona attendees experience two days of intense 50 minute sessions taught by top security experts. Sessions hold 50-60 professionals, providing an optimal environment for attendees to ask questions, participate in discussions, and interact with other delegates and speakers.


“Revolution or Evolution: Information Security 2020” – William Beer, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
This presentation will be based on a report commissioned by the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board and jointly prepared with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (UK). The presentation will set out the drivers that will shape the future Information Security environment to 2020 and beyond. It will help to inform business leaders and security professionals alike, and sets out potential future scenarios and issues around information security, allowing the participant to draw implications and conclusions that apply to them. The presentation focuses on the commercial aspects of Information Security, but remains cognizant of trends in cyber security and warfare for military and intelligence applications.


  • “SCCP hacking, Attacking the SS7 & SIGTRAN Applications One Step Further and Mapping the Phone System” – Philippe Langlois, P1 Security
  • “Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines” – Barnaby Jack, IOActive
  • “Applied Threat Modeling – Live” – Allison Miller, Paypal & Alex Hutton, Verizon Business
  • “Security in the SDLC: It Doesn’t Have to be Painful” – Matt Bartoldus, Gotham Digital Security
  • “Mounting an effective cyber defense: countering targeted attacks” – Richard Stiennon, IT-Harvest
  • “PC Hypervisors; Own the OS” – Amrit Williams, BigFix, an IBM Company
  • “10 Things You’re Doing Wrong With SIEM” – Wim Remes
  • “Passwords in Corporate Networks” – Carric Dooley, Foundstone & Simon Roses Femerling, Microsoft
  • “ERP Security: Myths, Problems, Solutions” – Alexandr Polyakov & Ilya Medvedovskiy, Digital Security
  • “Security in Agile PLC – Practical navigational aid for speed boats” – Vishal Asthana, Symantec
  • “Implementing a CSIRT – Lessons Learnt from Setting Up the Irish CERT” – Brian Honan, BH Consulting
  • “Anonymity, Privacy – and Circumvention with Tor in the Real World” – Jacob Appelbaum
  • “Security Sucks” – Chris Brown, Netwitness
  • “Leveraging Social Networking While Mitigating Risk” – Fidelis Security Systems
  • “Hacking SAP BusinessObjects” – Josh Abraham & Will Vandevanter, Rapid7
  • “The Social Geeks Old and New Methods for Career Enhancement in the Security Industry” – Erin Jacobs, IOActive & Mike Murray
  • “Smart Grid Security”, Josh Pennell, IOActive
  • “If Black Hats always win, why is Albert Gonzalez in prison?” – Bruno Oliveira &, Jibran Ilyas, Trustwave
  • “Stratagem 1 “Deceiving the heavens to cross the sea (Using the 36 stratagems for Social Engineering)” – Jayson E . Street, Stratagem 1
  • “Building Bridges: Forcing Hackers and Business to “Hug it Out” – Andrew Hay, 451 Group & Chris Nickerson, Lares Security
  • “Cyber[Crime|War]” – Connecting the Dots (Spain), Iftach Ian Amit, Security & Innovation
  • “Balancing the Pwn Trade Deficit” – Val Smith, Attack Research
  • “Zen and The Art of Privacy Maintenance” – Vincenzo Iozzo, zynamics and qitsu & Giovanni Gola, qitsu.

Special session

“Measuring Security: Making Sure We Measure The Actual Security Anti-Virus Products Provide Customers” – This two hour discussion session allow representatives of the leading independent testing labs to explain how they have adapted their security product testing metrics in response to cyber criminal innovations and security vendor responses – with the goal of making the results of independent lab testing more accessible and valuable to decision makers.

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