PC surveillance software for Terminal Servers

Refog announces the release of Refog Terminal Monitor, a centralized software-based employee tracking system for the Terminal Server allowing administrators to track employee activities from a single location. Running on the Terminal Server, it tracks and records all or select activities of connected employees, allowing company officials to get an idea of how employees spend their paid hours. The surveillance system helps companies to enforce their corporate policies, improve employee productivity, and decrease chances of information leaks.

Refog Terminal Monitor helps companies to enforce corporate policies by providing a variety of options to monitor activities of employees connected to the Terminal Server. Application tracking shows what programs were running during a certain time. Web log monitors intercept URLs of resources visited by employees during the work. Chat monitoring intercepts and decodes conversations in popular instant clients such as ICQ, AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN messengers.

Keyboard interception logs every keystroke typed by employees, and sends instant alerts if one of the pre-defined passphrases has been typed. The real-time alerts allow preventing breaches of security and information leaks, while readily available log files help investigating violations of corporate policies. The logs are illustrated with screen captures of employee desktops showing any open applications that are taken periodically.

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