Authentication management platform for any and every authentication factor

” border=”0″ align=”left” vspace=”5″ hspace=”5″>Hitachi ID Systems has released Password Manager 7.0, an authentication management platform able to manage any and every authentication factor employed by a corporate user – passwords, security questions, OTP tokens, smart cards, voice biometrics, hard disk encryption keys and more.

Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) 7.0 leverages the company’s latest identity management technology platform, with a SQL Server or Oracle back-end, a real-time data replication service, data updates via stored procedures and Unicode support.

The platform introduces the following new features:

  • Authentication chains, supporting context-sensitive and multi-step processes for validating user identity. Examples include:
    • Protecting Extranet-facing deployments against attack by robots using CAPTCHAs.
    • Leveraging mobile phones as an authentication factor.
    • Integrating with consumer authentication services from vendors such as VeriSign or RSA.
  • User classes for flexible delegation of security rights. Examples include:
    • Regional help desks with local authority to reset passwords.
    • Empowering managers to reset passwords for their (direct or indirect) subordinates.
  • A password synchronization service on Windows servers, which minimizes the code running in the operating system kernel and supports advanced features such as user filtering and a retry queue.
  • Enhancements to the managed user enrollment system, enabling large organizations to control the pace at which users are invited to complete their profiles.
  • Many new reports to track user profiles and login accounts, orphan and dormant accounts, enrollment progress and more.
  • Official support for Windows 7 clients, including 64-bit versions.

Password Manager ships with connectors for over 100 types of systems and applications, including common on-premises systems such as Active Directory and SAP and cloud-hosted systems such as Google Applications and WebEx. It also includes integrations with the Windows login process, 10 types of help desk incident management applications, e-mail systems, full disk encryption products and more.

Password Manager 7.0 is the first release where telephone-based password and PIN reset (Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager) and enterprise single sign-on (Hitachi ID Login Manager) are included in the base product and price.

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