New certification for convergence technologies professionals

CompTIA is collaborating with Certification Partners, owners of the Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) certification, on a new credential that validates skills and standards-based knowledge in today’s convergence technologies.

The new CTP+ certification available Aug. 30 combines elements of the CTP and CompTIA Convergence+ certifications and is designed to address the rapidly changing landscape of new network convergence products and solutions.

Convergence technologies typically refer to solutions that allow data, voice and video to be distributed over a single network. Examples include VoIP telephony, unified messaging and web conferencing. By converging multiple networks into a single network, organizations typically gain more flexibility to manage and administer networks together; boost efficiency; and contain costs by reducing network management costs and local access and long distance phone charges.

“CTP+ fills a void and a need for a single, industry-accepted credential that encompasses the full spectrum of knowledge and skills within the realm of convergence technologies,” said Terry Erdle, senior vice president, skills certification, CompTIA. “We’re pleased to work with Certification Partners in this joint effort to build a workforce with the comprehensive skills necessary to advance the adoption of convergence technology solutions.”

The CTP+ certification exam validates that an individual has the core knowledge and skills required by equipment manufacturers, their channel partners and end-users to sell and service convergence technologies. The exam covers a wide range of areas in data networking, telephony networking and convergence networking, including:

  • Planning IP networks
  • Wireless networking
  • Voice and telephony services, functions and technologies including codes, ISDN and voice troubleshooting
  • Identifying requirements for transporting text, voice, video, modem and fax through a converged solution
  • Troubleshooting convergence protocols and devices.

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