Android game hides spying application

If you have a game called Tap Snake on your Android handset and you weren’t the one who installed it, you are probably getting spied on by someone who had physical access to your device.

According to F-Secure, this game is actually a client for a spying application that goes by the name GPS Spy:

Once installed and run, the game can never be exited. You think you closed it, but it continues to run in the background, restarts every time you restart your device, and every 15 minutes sends GFP coordinates of the current location of your phone to a server where they can be accessed by the GPS Spy application on the perpetrator’s mobile device.

This spying application costs only $4.99, and the author is Max Lifshin. F-Secure’s Android security solution detects and blocks both the game and the spying application, but they expect Google to react soon and pull them both from the Android Market.

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