New film exploring online security

A new project called “The Gran’ Scam of Things” is in the works. The premise of the short film poses serious questions about online financial abuse by taking a special look at how email based scams affect older generations.

The film follows Gladys Weiss, an elderly woman who has an unusual and surprising experience when she receives her very first e-mail. Written and directed by Leor Baum, this story’s origins can be traced back to an actual piece of spam mail. A dedicated team of actors and filmmakers have now brought it to life.

The film is close to completion but the authors are facing the hurdle of raising the essential finishing funds needed to give this story proper exposure. Head over to Kickstarter if you think you can help them out with a donation so that they can finish the piece.

The money will be spent on essential post-production costs, namely original music composition, sound design, titles, and a final sound mix. All contributions will go straight into the film and no one gets charged unless they reach their goal on October 29th.

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