Malware pushers lure victims with leaked Harry Potter movie screener

News that a partial DVD screener of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1 has been leaked just days before the film’s scheduled worldwide premiere, has made impatient fans scan torrent sites for the file by the thousands.

But, as you might surmise, such a great interest in something can’t go unnoticed by scammers and malware pushers who, according to Softpedia, have rushed to take advantage of the buzz and offer torrents with fake copies of the screener. To watch the video, fans are required to install special codecs or players which are, of course, malware in disguise.

Sites that use the same lure to make the victims part with personal information while registering have also popped up. The victims are then asked to fill out various surveys, and the site attempts to get their permission to subscribe them to premium rate services.

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