Personalized cloud-based platform

NetQin announced a personalized cloud-based platform that allows users to synchronize their personal data across multiple devices with single account. Backed by a cloud security model, users will soon be able to locate their device, remotely control it, access the contact list, and receive safety ratings and guidelines about the security threats on their mobile device, all from the convenience of any computer.

Cloud platform security describes an architecture that allows on-demand delivery of data and services over the internet. Users can access mobile internet services on a cloud platform without concerns about the infrastructure that supports the applications and without downloading client end software. NetQin has taken this technology and embedded it in the Online Security Space, to create a system where data on lost phones can be restored to new phones via the cloud.

Key features include:

Cloud scan: “cloud+client” twin-engine scanning, accurate at killing viruses and malicious programs. Key benefits include fast response to the latest security threats and comprehensive protection from Trojans, malware, and virus-infected plug-ins.

Online contact list backup: Backup the mobile device’s contact list to an online server that can be accessed at any time.

Device security rating: Scans device to give a rating on the amount of security risks on the device and show and give guidelines of how to improve them.

Anti-lost: Locate your phone on a map, and control it remotely; wiping it, sounding off an alarm, and/or locking it.

“Cloud computing is playing an increasing role in the mobile device ecosystem, especially among smart phones, which require more complex computing capabilities by leveraging cloud services. In addition, it is becoming increasingly common for people to carry multiple mobile devices, and the data/service migration between devices will rely on platform independent cloud solutions, just like NQ Space. We are proud to deliver such a personalized intelligent cloud service to our users,” said Dr. Lin Yu, CEO at NetQin Mobile.

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