OpenBSD 4.9 released

OpenBSD 4.9 is here. To get the files for this release either order a CDROM or check out one of the FTP pages for a list of mirrors.

Generic network stack improvements:

  • Reworking of the MCLGETI livelock algorithm to improve forwarding and host performance under high network load.
  • Added support for socket splicing; sockets can be temporarily connected so that the kernel moves data without userland intervention. This will be used by relayd(8) in the next release.
  • Added AES-GCM support for IPsec.
  • Added automatic send and receive buffer scaling for TCP.
  • Added wpakey option to ifconfig(8) replacing wpa-psk(8).
  • TCP acknowledgments are no longer delayed on the loopback interface.
  • Network livelock counters are now exported via sysctl(3).
  • A radix tree sorting bug was fixed, which results in significant improvements to IPsec performance under certain conditions.
  • tcpdump(8) now decodes Multicast DNS (mDNS) traffic.
  • Wake on Lan support has been added to arp(8).
  • Enabled MPLS and mpe(4) by default on GENERIC kernels.
  • Added a mpls option to ifconfig(8) to enable MPLS on a per interface basis replacing the global sysctl knob.

OpenBGPD, OpenOSPFD and other routing daemon improvements:

  • bgpd(8) handles various message encoding errors more gracefully now.
  • Notification messages are now logged in bgpd(8).
  • ospfd(8) will now correctly redistribute overlapping routes.
  • ospfctl(8) now prints the LSDB checksum in the show summary output for quick verification that two LSDBs are in sync.
  • Fixed ldpd(8)’s message parser to work on all architectures and more LDP messages are now implemented.
  • Various improvements in ospf6d(8).


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