LulzSec leaks Sony Developer source code

Nintendo has confirmed that the server configuration file published by LulzSec on Friday is the real deal, but says that that is the only thing they managed to access and that no third-party personal information was compromised.

According to the Tech Herald, the file in question was exfiltrated from a server run by a Nintendo affiliate a couple of weeks ago. The hacker group says that they do not have a grudge against the company – “We like the N64 too much-¦ This is just for lulz,” they said in a tweet.

On the other hand, they have a well documented beef with Sony, and on Monday they released some 54 megabytes of Sony Developer source code and the internal network maps of Sony BMG.

Stolen source code is an especially bad thing for the company – if they had access to it, there is always the possibility they modified it and that they have implemented backdoors into the server for future attacks.

There are also rumors floating about that one of the LulzSec members was arrested by the authorities, who also apparently raided the group’s chat server and have accessed some of its chat rooms. According to The Epoch Times, the group has shot back saying that the man who was arrested – one Robert Cavanaugh – was not a member.

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