Alleged LulzSec hacker released on bail

Jake Davis – the teenager from Shetland Islands that was arrested last week in connection to LulzSec and Anonymous attacks and is believed to be the infamous “Topiary” – has been released on bail by a judge of the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court and has been ordered to appear before the court again on August 30.

The hearing revealed a couple of details that could prove Davis’ guilt. The police found some 750,000 passwords of compromised accounts on his computer and external hard disk, along with a file containing the fake “Rupert Murdoch dead” story that LulzSec has put up on the site after compromising it.

Davis was released into the custody of his mother, who has moved to Lincolnshire for this purpose, and is required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, observe a curfew and refrain from using the Internet in any way.

He has not commented the charges laid against him and has not spoken except for confirming his name and address. According to InformationWeek, he presented himself at court holding a book titled “Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science”, letting perhaps the book speak for him.

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