Email encryption for iPad and iPhone

Echoworx launched an on-the-device email encryption solution for iOS devices. mobilEncrypt ENDPOINT enables, iPhone and iPad users to send and receive secure, encrypted messages using their existing email address.

IT managers can centrally manage company employees and assign user credentials, as well as revoke or suspend them if a device gets lost or stolen.

mobilEncrypt ENDPOINT features and functionality:

  • The credentials are stored encrypted on the device in the native keychain
  • Encrypted data will not be compromised if the device is lost, stolen or hacked
  • Secure messages are stored in the native device inbox and sent messages are available for archiving
  • Draft messages are automatically saved
  • Enterprise users can send encrypted messages to anybody
  • Non-mobilEncrypt users pick up encrypted messages from a secure pick up center
  • Enables strong authentication with a local key and a password
  • Issues PKI X.509 certificates that are backed by a globally recognized Certificate Authority
  • Easy to use enterprise tools for bulk enrolling users, revoking certificates, key recovery, password recovery, and customized branding.

mobilEncrypt ENDPOINT is backed by a public key infrastructure (PKI) credential management platform and globally recognized Certificate Authority.

Echoworx is a member of the Microsoft Root CA Program and is waiting on the Apple Root Certificate Program. Through a central management console, IT managers can revoke or suspend the user’s credentials, issue keys and digital IDs, all over-the-air, without having to get physical access to the device.

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