ShareSafe: Avoid malicious links on Facebook

ShareSafe is a free Facebook beta application developed by F-Secure that keeps you safe from spam and malicious links in your news feed and wall.

It’s also easy to scan links with ShareSafe before posting them to your wall, so you can make sure they are safe to visit.

Facebooks’s popularity has made it a major target for online criminals who are posting malicious links to lure visitors to websites that spread viruses, scams and spam.

Until now, there has been no way of knowing whether a Facebook link takes you to a legitimate website – or to something that has been set up by the criminals.

ShareSafe uses patent-pending technology for detecting spammy or malicious posts in Facebook. It is designed to stop people spreading links to malicious websites.

Other users can see when a link has been sent through and checked by ShareSafe.

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