Citrix delivers apps to any user on any device

Citrix announced the next stage of its strategy for Citrix CloudGateway, the unified service broker that aggregates, controls and delivers Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps to any user on any device.

As consumer demand continues to drive IT decision making, IT is increasingly asked to provide new types of mobile devices and new types of cloud apps, including web, SaaS and mobile.

The systems and processes created to support traditional IT needs, however, were never designed for the choice and flexibility that the cloud engenders, leaving IT to address each new app or new device with silo technologies on an ad-hoc basis.

As a result, IT is rapidly losing control over cloud apps and mobile devices that their users are adopting, thereby putting enterprise data IP at risk. And at the same time, end users are frustrated with limited and disparate access from various devices, resulting in lost productivity. To regain control and get ahead of these disruptive trends, IT is seeking solutions that unify aggregation, control and delivery of all types of apps to any device anywhere.

CloudGateway delivers end users intuitive self-service access to all apps and data from any device anywhere via the Citrix Receiver universal software client. Using Receiver, end users get a follow-me apps and follow-me-data experience using one login from any device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

In addition, CloudGateway provides IT with unified and un-paralleled controls across all apps. Customers can control and protect their enterprise apps and data with scenario-based controls, such as identity provisioning for authorized users, automatic account de-provisioning for terminated employees, and remote wipe for data and apps stored on lost devices.

Finally, CloudGateway provides a unified dashboard for SLA monitoring and license reporting, enabling customers to reduce costs by optimizing their application SLAs and license utilization.

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