73,000 Finnish online accounts compromised

The login credentials and email addresses of some 73,000 Finns have been stolen and posted online by unknown attackers who breached the database used by a network of health-related online forums.

“The health-related sites affected are operated by Darwin Media Oy under the Terve.fi umbrella, and include Helistin.fi, Tohtori.fi, Poliklinikka.fi, Kimallus.fi, Huoltamo.com, Terve24.fi, Terkkari.fi and Verkkoklinikka.fi,” YLE.fi reports.

It was initially thought that Anonymous Finland – which has executed a number of similar attacks at the beginning of November – might be behind the breach, but according to the AFP, the hacktivist group denied it by tweeting that it “had nothing against such websites (and) had no reason to hack them.”

The Finnish police is investigating the compromise and has been urging affected users to change their passwords and to do the same with passwords to other online services – especially if they used the same password for some or all of them.

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