New data encryption platform

CertiVox unveiled its PrivateSky Secure Information Exchange (SIX) platform. The service provides protection for email, files and other information sent via the cloud, through a two-factor authentication process and a certificateless encryption platform.

This encryption process is activated by a click of a button from within Outlook, a web browser or via any browser-based application on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. It is a solution where both encryption and decryption are securely completed with no disruption to a user’s workflow.

While enterprises and governments want to leverage the benefits of cloud services, they are still searching for security solutions that simply and economically solve the risks and issues with using the cloud today.

PrivateSky SIX platform solves these legal, regulatory and ethical challenges. The platform:

  • Uses Incognito Keys and certificateless encryption technology to provide a secure information exchange between all users.
  • Departs from other products because the user encrypts his or her information right from the start at the source and retains control over his or her encryption keys at all times. This means cloud storage service providers and managed file transfer services can no longer see or access their clients’ information.
  • Separates the encryption keys from the data while in transit which ensures that only the intended recipients can access encrypted information. Not even CertiVox has access to the encrypted data or the encryption keys.
  • Offers significant and far-reaching solutions for industries and governments that adhere to strict regulatory and privacy requirements, such as HIPAA.

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