Bogus “Scan from a HP OfficeJet” notifications lead to malware

Notifications about documents purportedly having been scanned and sent via a HP OfficeJet printer/scanner are targeting users again and trying to trick them into opening the attached HTML files:

The campaign is widespread, and the subject lines and the content of the sent emails, as well as the name of the attached file, are constantly changed a little bit in order to try and bypass spam filters.

The attached HTML files carry a malicious script that forces the victims’ browser to visit third-party sites likely laden with exploit code and/or malware.

“Attacks which cloak their true intentions by posing as a emailed scan from a printer are nothing new, and in the past have helped cybercriminals infect computers with Java and Adobe exploits,” points out Graham Clueley. “Computer users need to learn to be wary of unsolicited attachments, and not blindly click on something just because it pretends to be an official communication.”

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