Transformable security engine from Stonesoft

Stonesoft introduced the Stonesoft Security Engine, a transformable security engine that is capable of delivering seven enterprise-class product configuration modes to provide contextually-aware security capabilities.

It is a security solution that, depending on the user’s preference, can be configured to act as a traditional and/or next generation firewall (NGFW), traditional and/or next generation intrusion prevention systems (IPS/NGIPS), layer-2 firewall, VPN or UTM product. The solution, which can act as one or several of these products simultaneously, is delivered through one highly integrated technology platform and managed through a single management center.

In any configuration mode, the Stonesoft Security Engine delivers full-blown security capabilities, including data inspection, anti-evasion capabilities, and full situational and contextual awareness. It is available as a physical appliance, software or virtual solution and can be changed without the need for buying another product.

The Stonesoft Security Engine revolutionizes the delivery of network security by allowing customers to choose the platform and capacity required, and then self-configure the product mode and security capabilities based on their current needs. Most importantly, it allows users to reconfigure and reuse the product as network and business demands evolve. For example, a user can change the product role from NGFW to NGIPS or upgrade the security grade at a moment’s notice for free.

It also eliminates the need to physically upgrade technologies and security products over time. It automatically receives new security features and performance improvements as they evolve with a single contract and investment. As a result, customers are no longer held hostage to the buy-upgrade-replace cycle and can drastically increase ROI.

“This has been Stonesoft’s long term vision – to stop viewing security as a fixed product or definition. Instead we need solutions that have the adaptability and scalability of a service. We’ve achieved this goal by creating something that can evolve, adapt, scale up and transform in time. These requirements mirror the feedback we’ve heard from customers for the last decade,” said Ilkka Hiidenheimo, CEO and founder of Stonesoft.

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