Intel partners with StorageCraft for backup

StorageCraft Intel and StorageCraft have partnered to offer a Backup & Recovery (BDR) appliance, operating on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform.

The appliance protects an organization’s Windows-based computer systems – including the operating system, applications, settings, and data – while eliminating the costly downtime and complexity associated with most business continuity and disaster recovery offerings.

“The value of a reliable backup system, featuring quick recovery options and high-speed full-system restores, is critical to small and medium size businesses. The ability for MSPs to provide their small business customers near enterprise-grade recovery times under a monthly subscription model at an entry-level price point is an important value that customers appreciate. It’s a perfect fit for small business owners who know the value of business continuity. We’re pleased to go to market with StorageCraft and to offer our reseller partners this compelling solution through our AppUp Small Business Service,” said Bridget Karlin, general manager, Intel Hybrid Cloud.

StorageCraft ShadowProtect deploys from the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform to take image snapshots and then stores the image files on the Backup & Recovery appliance.

After ShadowProtect takes a full backup image, it can then be set to capture only incremental changes, reducing the overhead associated with the backup process.

System virtualization, system recovery, and even simple file and folder recovery can be performed by mounting the backup image file. ShadowProtect fully leverages Microsoft Volume Snapshot Services (VSS) to properly backup Active Directory, SQL Server and Exchange.

“Delivering a simple, cost-effective solution that protects customers from any type of disaster is an excellent profit building opportunity for MSPs. The Backup & Recovery appliance, powered by StorageCraft and built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud platform, is a natural extension of the Intel Hybrid Cloud environment and an easy companion sale to go along with an Intel Hybrid Cloud server,” said Curt James, vice president of marketing and business development at StorageCraft.

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