Guard your website against malicious activity with WebsiteDefender

Acunetix released WebsiteDefender, an online security monitoring service which helps you secure websites against malware and hacker activity.

Google’s security blog reports that approximately 3 million instances of web malware are found on websites every day. Web malware can result in your website being blacklisted by Google. Malware can also lead to sensitive data being stolen, such as customer credit card details, or to the distribution of illegal content to your visitors which can open you up to lawsuits.

WebsiteDefender scans your entire website for malware against the award-winning Bitdefender commercial grade malware database and gives you clear instructions on how to remove any detected malware.

The service is capable of detecting infected website files, injected malware links, backdoors, shell scripts and local root exploits such as rootkits. It also checks if your website is on the Google Blacklist or listed in well-known malware and spam databases.

WebsiteDefender makes automated backups of your website, including your WordPress database. In case of malware or hacker attacks, your entire website, including themes and written content, can be restored with just a few mouse clicks. The service will not run a backup if it detects malware, ensuring that all backups are clean.

There are hundreds of thousands of open source plugins and themes available for WordPress that give users flexibility but also pose a significant security risk. Some plugins and themes have hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities which can endanger your website and company reputation.

WebsiteDefender identifies these vulnerable plugins and themes and alerts you in order that you can remove them before they cause any damage.

WebsiteDefender notifies you if files within your website have changed since the last scan. These changes may be the result of a hacker trying to compromise your website. With WebsiteDefender, you can review suspicious file changes in order to detect hacker activity early.

In addition, you will be alerted when new WordPress administrator accounts are created, which could indicate that a hacker has gained access to your website.

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