Anti-theft Wi-Fi tag for laptops and tablets

Ekahau launched its newest Wi-Fi tag, the L4 Laptop tag. The L4 tag is a small flat unit designed to be plugged into the ExpressCard slot. The tag works with the Ekahau RTLS system which can track and manage the tags anywhere on a campus that has Wi-Fi coverage.

By knowing the location and status, the Ekahau RTLS system can alert users if a laptop or tablet computer leaves a designated area or if it enters e.g. an unsecure area. The L4 features a built-in motion sensor to detect movement and to manage how the tag communicates.

A tamper alert switch detects if the tag is being removed from a laptop and as a programmable SOC (System on a Chip) design allows the tag to be configured to the user’s exact requirements. The L4 tags are supported on all major enterprise Wi-Fi network brands without the need for any proprietary readers or sensors.

The L4 complements Ekahau’s extensive line of Wi-Fi tags which are designed to provide enterprise customers with detailed visibility on the location and status of assets and people.

“Our customers, especially in the healthcare and government sectors, have been asking for a product like this that is specifically designed for portable computers. The L4 provides an additional layer of physical protection in a form factor and design that is transparent to the end-user and worry-free for the system administrator” said Tuomo Rutanen Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at Ekahau.

“While the prices of mobile computers are declining, the requirements are increasing for data protection via acts such as HIPAA and HITECH as well as internal corporate and other government policies,” he added.

The L4 can simply be inserted into an ExpressCard slot and is activated with a few keystrokes. The L4 can be programmed to report on a fixed time interval as well as using the on-board motion sensor to report when the unit is moved. The L4 has an internal rechargeable battery that is recharged from the laptop ExpressCard slot.

When the laptop is turned off or the battery of the laptop is depleted, the L4 will run for several weeks on its internal battery. The L4 can detect and report the power status of the host laptop as well.

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