Introducing Windows Server 2012

Author: Mitch Tulloch
Pages: 254
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735666792


Windows Server 2012, currently available as a Release Candidate, brings forward hundreds of new features and enhancements including cloud computing, networking, storage, virtualization, and more. The aim of this book is to offer a foundation for working with this complex operating system.

About the author

Mitch Tulloch is a widely recognized expert on Windows administration and has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status for his contributions supporting those who deploy and use Microsoft platforms, products, and solutions.

Inside the book

Once you have the book in your hands, its 254 pages make it obvious this is not an in-depth guide that will offer step-by-step instructions for even the most obscure tasks. However, the book delivers exactly what it promises – an introduction.

The book opens with an illustration of the business need for Windows Server 2012 and builds up the operating system’s strengths. This should be very interesting to IT professionals that need to justify purchasing decisions to the management. They don’t just get an illustration of the new features, they also get bullet points showcasing Microsoft cloud facts, and these can be helpful when making a point.

Overall, a great deal of material is dedicated to virtualization and cloud computing, with ways how Windows Server 2012 can help with that environment. You can read about private clouds, hybrid clouds as well as web applications in the cloud.

The entire text is complemented with screenshots that clarify many of the new configuration options. Seasoned administrators will be able to find out news at a glance. Also, each chapter comes with links offering more information online. These will prove indispensable for anyone interested in getting more in-depth knowledge.

All in all, the book packs a lot of material for its compact size: scalability, clustering, storage, open standards support, access control, and much more.

Final thoughts

The secret gravy of this book are the sidebars offering an insider’s perspective with tips and best practices. These are written by members of the Windows Server team, Microsoft support engineers as well as others working for the company. If you’re planning on working with Windows Server 2012, you’ll want this book.

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