Safe Money technology protects online purchases

It’s no secret: most cybercriminals don’t want online fame, they want your money. Kaspersky Lab research shows that each day, more than 1,400 new pieces of banking malware are created. These malicious programs are designed specifically to hijack your online purchases, snoop on credit card transactions, and redirect your web browser to fraudulent sites.

More than $1.2 trillion will be exchanged over the Internet in 2012, and stealing even a small percentage can mean a big pay-day for cybercriminals.

Kaspersky Lab announced new versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Both products feature protection against modern threats and improvements to performance and simplicity, including a faster installation, less drain on computer resources and battery life, and real-time protection against malware.

A new offering found in Kaspersky Internet Security is Safe Money, a technology designed to protect the user’s money when shopping and banking online. To keep your cash safe, Kaspersky Internet Security’s Safe Money will:

1. Automatically activate when visiting most common payment services (PayPal, etc.), banking websites, and you can easily add your own bank or shopping websites to the list.

2. Isolate your payment operations in a special web browser to ensure your transactions aren’t monitored.

3. Verify the authenticity of the banking or payment website itself, to ensure the site isn’t compromised by malware, or a fake website designed to look authentic.

4. Evaluate the security status of your computer, and warn about any existing threats that should be addressed prior to making payments.

5. Provide an onscreen Virtual Keyboard when entering your credit card or payment information so you can enter your information with mouse-clicks. This will activate a special program to prevent malware from logging any keystrokes on your physical keyboard.

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