Test software for mission-critical embedded devices

Wurldtech Security Technologies released its Achilles Test Software, the software version of its Achilles Test Platform, extending its Achilles Test family of cyber security testing products to development teams of mission critical embedded devices.

Significant SCADA cyber attacks are plaguing the industry. Industrial Control Systems have evolved into complex, open, inter-connected networks, creating significant challenges for developers and manufacturers of mission-critical devices that are at the core of nuclear power plants, oil refineries, smart grids and medical applications.

Achilles Test Software delivers the tools that development teams require to test critical software early in the development cycle, before they enter the QA lab. It provides the means to proactively expose and correct vulnerabilities and validate system resiliency in a real-time environment, before the products are released and deployed in high-availability process control networks.

Wurldtech provides a total set of analysis, software, hardware and certification products that provide stakeholders with a set of tools to protect and mitigate against Zero-Day threats, malware and cyber attacks.

Achilles Test Software – Previously available only as a comprehensive appliance – Achilles Test Platform, Achilles Test Software puts Achilles testing in the hands of development and quality assurance (QA) teams, enabling a corporate and strategic focus to cyber testing by allowing for candidate software and hardware testing earlier in the development cycle.

Achilles Test Platform – Hardware platform designed as a universal test bench to allow equipment manufacturers of all sizes to conduct comprehensive security and robustness testing throughout the product development lifecycle. Engineers can now utilize Achilles Test Software to test for device vulnerabilities at the earliest stage of development, using Achilles Test Platform for final verification testing.

Achilles Communication Certification – Verifies network robustness of industrial control devices by subjecting the device to a standardized set of network tests. Certification is provided by Wurldtech engineering teams upon inspection of testing data.

Achilles Practices Certification – Valued-added program tailored to the needs of system owners and operators, verifies the device manufacturers security practices and procedures across the product’s lifecycle.

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