Cloud security application uses electronic fingerprint

Intrinsic-ID launched Saturnus, an application that allows users to protect data with their mobile devices before sending it to the cloud. It is the first application that offers security based on the combination of a two-factor protection, AES encryption and a software/hardware binding.

The security in Saturnus is based on a two-factor protection: “something the user knows” – a password- and “something the user has” – a mobile phone, tablet or PC that is equipped with HIS technology which binds the data in the cloud by using the “electronic fingerprint’ of the device.

Saturnus enables many applications, such as: teleworking, mobile workforces but also remote diagnostics and treatments of patients, secure cloud capability, etc.

Users can rely on Saturnus to protect their e-mails and SMS data, agenda, financials, payment data and other sensitive data in the cloud. The application also includes an auto fill capability for easy, fast and secure web-based payments.

“The combination of the connected world and cloud storage offers tremendous new opportunities to optimize and create new business by enabling data access anytime, anywhere. Most industry observers, however, agree that the main blocking factor for widespread use of cloud storage services is the lack of security for data stored in the cloud,” said Pim Tuyls CEO of Intrinsic-ID. “With Saturnus this is no longer an issue. Saturnus allows users to protect their data in the cloud while also being able to easily access it anytime, anywhere.”

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